कै. लक्ष्मीबाई देशमुख शिक्षण प्रसारक मंडळ, परळी वैजनाथ संचालित.

कै. लक्ष्मीबाई देशमुख महिला महाविद्यालय, परळी-वै.

About Us

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    अन्नदानं परं दानं विद्यादानं अतः परम्। अन्नेन क्षणिका तृप्तिः यावज्जीवं च विद्यया।।9।।

    Giving Food To The hungry is a great donation and donation of the knowledge is considered important among all other donations . By food ones hunger is fulfilled and One can survive at that point of time whereas the knowledge attained helps one to survive whole life.

    Dear Parents and Students I Extend to you all a very warm Welcome to Late Laxmibai Deshmukh’s Institute Website. The purpose of this web page to provide parents Students and our college Community with easy access to a wealth of Information on our Late. Laxmibai Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya Programs Policies and Activities. Late Laxmibai Deshmukh Institute is Paradise Place to teach, learn and ameliorate oneself; our Eminent Teaching Staff is committed to high Quality Learning Experience Focused on individual needs of every Student. When educating the minds of our Students we must not forget to educate Hearts.

    Knowledge is extolled by everyone, knowledge is considered great everywhere, one can attain everything with the help of knowledge person is person is respected everywhere. Primary Goal of Late Laxmibai Deshmukh Institute is to aid all girl students to achieve their dreams and find Success in pursuing life goals. We are unconditionally committed to providing best possible educational programmes to our students. We believe that education is an effective medium of social transformation we accord prime importance to the behavioral, discipline, moral integrity and cognitive development of students.

    The Reputation of this institute is acquired and established over these years is due to dedication and selfless commitment of teaching staff, supporting staff and Students. With the support of College staff and families our students Explore, Express, Excel academically and creatively.

    Dr. L.S. Munde

    We are the college with a history of 24 years, we are going to celebrate silver anniversary for academic year (2022-23) To dispel the darkness from the lives of the poor, is the motto of establishing Late Laxmibai Deshmukh Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Parli-V which started serving the society by setting up a high school in 1997. After having an encouraging experience, the society laid foundation of Late. Laxmibai Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya., in 1997 and ever since, it has been emerging as one of the premier institutions of higher learning in the region of Parli-V. The academic programmes run by the college are the amalgam of traditional, add on, need-based and career oriented courses, taught by a team of experienced and efficient faculty.

    The college is the study centre of YCMOU. Nasik for graduation Programmes. According to the norms of rural areas eventually they were married in early age. Thus 50% of the population remained without higher education and naturally this was against democracy. Our Former president Late. Shyamraoji Deshmukh took the social responsibility of educating girls and he decided to give them higher education which was their right with the help of the honorable Deputy Chief Minister Of Maharashtra Late Gopinathraoji Munde this Institution begain flourish.

    since 1997 the college has acquired immense success in every field. Due to the efforts of management members respected Anilraoji Deshmukh, Sanjayroji Deshmukh, Ravindraji Deshmukh & Principal Dr. R.J. Parlikar, The College has gained reputation within a short period the teaching and non teaching staff are naturally supportive for the development of the institution. Many Students are top rankers in university. The college takes care of not only education but overall development of the student. The girls comming from rural & urban Society made aware than they are going to take part in the building of a healthy & powerful nation. Once a woman is educated her whole family becomes educated. The college also conducts many important events like road rallys, street plays giving a message of social awareness like importance of polling, Andhashraddha nirmulan, Swachha Bharat Mission etc. In this way social responsibility are included in them.

    Mr. Sanjay Shyamrao Deshmukh

About College :

    Late. Laxmibai Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Parli-V is 24 Years old institution which is unique, first oldest and the finest single faculty college in the region Parli-V, pursing excellence in education with Science, Arts and Commerce field branches. It was established in 1997. It is the first educational institute in Parli-V. This is only dedicated to Girls education. As it is situated at the centre of town, it facilitates safety and security our girl’s students. The College not only provides education in basic and applied subjects, but also pays attention to the current innovative approaches towards the higher education.

    With its competent galaxy of faculty members, the college has been rendering sincere services in the field of higher education since 1997. This is a single faculty college with a variety of courses both at Junior and degree level. The Educational moto of our college is girl’s success in education and developing their multidimensional personality.

    Late. Laxmibai Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Parli-V.

    Vision :

  • Enlightened Student: A Source of Immense Power.

  • To mould multidimensional personality of girls student for success in education.

    Mission :

  • To rise the academic standard of the students.

  • To implement curricular and extra-curricular abilties of the student.

  • Acquiring comprehensive competitve skills.

  • Empowering women through education.

  • To create awareness in students about human rights & environment.

  • Late Laxmibai Deshmukh Mahila Mahavidyalaya pledges itself to uphold zealously its mission of promoting acquisition and dissemination of knowledge through fearless and sustained pursuit of excellence aimed at moulding personalities of students entering its portals to grow with an upright character filled with enlightenment and to be the value adhering members of a just and humane society.

    Goals :

  • To encourage the students for higher education.
  • To create thirst for knowledge.
  • To encourage the Girls for higher education.
  • Enhance student experiences.
  • Improve internal support system and facilities.
  • Enhance engagement with alumni association and be more responsive towards them develop a clean and green campus.
  • To broaden educational areas.

    Core Values :

  • Excellence: Our College is committed to achieve excellence in all spheres of its activities.

  • Integrity: We ensure teaching is carried out in an environment of academic freedom and the highest standards of professional ethics with adhering to honesty.

  • Accountability: College works as per standard operating procedures, rules, regulations and is accountable to students as well as all its stakeholders.

  • Empathy: College has an awareness of the conditions of weaker sections of society.

  • Transparency: Proper information is shared with the stakeholders.

  • Equity: College stands by equity in gender, cultural and social inclusivity.

    Objectives :

  • To provide an academic atmosphere to flourish new ideas, leadership, team spirit and ethics in Girls from which leaders and innovators emerge.

  • Aim to encourage Girls in skills development, creativity, capability and applicability by providing excellence.

  • To contribute in the service of society by participation in socio-economic and socio cultural activities.

  • To foster and promote quality education and their role in nation building.

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